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    Ash Olsen Shares a Heartbreak and Empowerment New Single “someone else”

    Ash Olsen, the rising star on the music horizon, continues to captivate audiences with her soulful melodies and authentic storytelling. With the release of her latest single, “someone else,” Ash takes listeners on an emotional journey through the complexities of love and heartbreak, raising anticipation for her highly anticipated debut LP.

    “someone else” is a powerful testament to Ash’s ability to bare her soul through her music. Unafraid to explore the raw and vulnerable aspects of relationships, she delves into the overwhelming pain of witnessing someone you once shared your life with move on to someone new. The inspiration behind the track is deeply personal, as Ash shares her own experiences following a breakup.

    When asked about the song, Ash Olsen revealed, “‘Someone Else’ is about how fucking hard and tough it is to see someone you shared your life with suddenly being with somebody new… We made the song because I needed to just vent about how I was feeling. I made the song right after me and my ex broke up, and I had seen a story [on Instagram], and it wasn’t even like that. But when I felt it hurt that much, I was like, ‘FUCK, how tf am I gonna deal with this?'”

    With her signature blend of soulful vocals and emotive lyrics, Ash Olsen creates a sonic landscape that resonates with listeners from all walks of life. “someone else” showcases her remarkable talent for crafting poignant melodies and capturing the essence of human emotions.


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