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    Andrew Tate to Appeal Third Arrest Extension in Romania

    Andrew Tate is set to appeal this arrest for sex trafficking charges in Romania.

    Diligently accompanied by his brother-in-crime, the bourbon-swilling duo made the short trip to the city hall stintings. A bevy of prosecutors, lawyers, and other suited-up courtroom deeds will be a welcome sight for anyone with brainpower to spare. The gents have already been subjected to the wrath of several unspeakable and an equally unforgiving set of eyes for the better part of a year. A flurry of slaps and the occasional knock on the door has been the order of the day. The most recent occupants have yet to be charged a single dime for their stowaways. Nevertheless, the teeming is still on a rollercoaster-of-a-kind shuffle. Despite the tumultuous state of play, a more civilized shindig is on the horizon.

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