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    An Aspiring Rapper Receives Props From U.S Congresswoman AOC

    icThere’s a long list of rappers that deserve recognition for their groundbreaking work in the music industry. This week, Vancouver rapper K!mmortal, who received her “flowers” from U.S Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Of course, the British-Columbia rapper had plenty of great things to say about the once-in-a-lifetime-moment.

    More importantly, K!mmortal’s music resonated with AOC on several levels. Particularly, AOC used one of K!mmortal’s songs to express her reaction to the ongoing confirmation hearings of the Democratic administration’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

    K!mmortal’s Props From AOC

    via CBC

    Moreover, Vancouver artist K!mmortal flipped her lid after receiving her props from U.S Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During an interview, the nonbinary artist described being “excited and honored” by AOC’s shoutout. Furthermore, K!mmortal explained that she learned from a friend AOC posted a TikTok video of herself rapping along to her 2017 song “Sad Femme Club” on Thursday night. Furthermore, K!mmortal explained that the inspiration behind the song stemmed from “supporting a BIPOC friend of hers tackling a racist incident .” Sounds like the artist has a lot to offer, both in music and political matters.

    AOC Resonates With “Sad Femme Club”

    via Washington Times

    Clearly, the U.S Congresswoman resonated with K!mmortal’s song “Sad Femme Club” on a deep level. Her TikTok post, later uploaded to Instagram, came as a response to the ongoing confirmation hearings of the Democratic administration’s Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson. If elected, she’d become the first Black woman to join the country’s top court. Furthermore , AOC described the song as, “My anthem this week.”

    The Bronx politician detailed that she watched in disdain Ketanji Brown Jackson“ be treated with extra disrespect as a Black woman.” Unfortunately, the Supreme Court nominee faced days of mistreatment from Republicans who criticized her anti-racism views, her suggestions on children’s books by black authors and her sentencing record as a judge on child exploitation cases.

    In response to the discrimination, Cortez wrote that the Republicans are “purposefully taunting Jackson in an effort to disqualify her.” Clearly, AOC has made it known that she’s not here for the disrespect of Ketanji Brown Jackson. We at Hypefresh support the nominee all the way.

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