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    Akon Approves Of Nick Cannon Not Being An Active Father

    It’s so scary to realize how many people have flawed mindsets. What’s even worse is finding out that these people are responsible for reproducing multiple offspring. If you don’t know, I’m referring to Akon and Nick Cannon, who seem to have different perspectives on fatherhood.

    In a recent interview, singer/songwriter Akon was asked about his thoughts on Nick Cannon having a roster of kids. The interviewer was curious about how he felt about Cannon spreading himself then. It felt like Akon said the worst possible answer, “That’s how life is supposed to be”.

    Recitals ≠ White People Activities

    To make matters worse, he doubled down on his ridiculous statement by saying recitals aren’t important, they’re for white people. If I didn’t know any better, he’s making black fatherhood look disposable. And we all know that is far from the truth.

    I’m here to tell you that Akon and Nick Cannon are not a great representative of most black fathers. Most black fathers who are involved in their children’s lives (even those with multiple children and baby mothers) believe being around is important and makes it a priority. I just feel as if Akon is trying to make being an absent father sounds cool because that’s what he did.

    Wholesome Content

    I love how on social that all the Black dads are showing pictures of them at their children’s recitals in response to Akon and Nick Cannon’s nonsense. It’s some of the most wholesome content you could see. Looking at the pictures, remind me how I can’t wait to be in every aspect of my future kid’s lives.

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