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    50 Cent Explains How Tekashi Really Fucked Up..Power

    50 Cent music doesn’t sale nowadays, but he is making plenty of bank.

    50’s Influence

    The New York rapper is one that has continued to flourish since the release of his mainstream debut album entitled “Get Rich Or Die Tryin”. The “G-Unit” CEO has quickly moved up the ranks in the world of entertainment because of his amazing business sense. Despite his background, one characteristic that keeps him relevant in the world of music is his entertaining personality. From trolling people on Instagram to making jokes at the inconvenience of others, 50 Cent is always in the spotlight.

    Most recently the multi-millionaire took to Shade 45, and spoke with DJ Drama regarding major topics.  50 Cent is making himself a name in entertainment with the Starz series entitled “Power”. The Jamaica-Queens rapper has managed to take the entertainment world by storm revolving around a storyline of drugs, murder, and shift for street cred. The rapper continues to dominate his weekly time slot with Starz network. The series has been so fascinating that in the Summer 50 Cent trolled the internet with a possible prequel to Power. It instantly drove fans crazy at the thought of another production under 50 Cent to take place. In late December 2018, it was confirmed that Starz Network approved three spin-offs.

    Tekashi Fucked Up

    He also went on to speak on his friend Tekashi 6ix9ine, who is currently in a world of trouble. The self-proclaimed “King Of New York”, is currently locked away on some serious charges. Overall, the young rapper could be facing life in prison. It was reported earlier this week that after all that shit talkin, Tekashi pleads guilty on his charges.

    “6ix9ine is not from the street,” explains 50. “I liked him, like I like Soulja Boy. He was sixteen years old, he produced a record, he made the dance, got his homeboy and shot it. I want to see him have a hit, that guy that does it. I couldn’t it at 16. I was like yo, he’s special. With 6ix9ine, his image was stronger than the music. Middle America, the people actually purchasing music, they can dye their hair blonde and their hair those colors. Hip-hop allows you to get close to the animals and go on a safari without being in danger,” continues Fif. “They seen him in the safari. In the middle of the whole pack.”

    It seems as though Tekashi fucked up everything by drawing too much attention to himself to fast. Will Tekashi ever get out? Will he really tell on his former friends?


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