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    50 Cent Disowns One of His Sons on Instagram Painfully

    50 Cent disowns one of his own sons in the most ruthless way possible.

    50 cent has spent the past couple of months disrespecting his son Marquise. He even said he would be okay with him dying. In addition to all of this abuse, 50 has taken his disdain for his even farther on Instagram. 50 Cent made an Instagram post saying that he was proud of his other son. Someone pointed out how 50 mistreats Marquise and 50 responded by saying: “I only have one son, I was mentoring the other little guy”

    Damn, 50 could you be a worse dad to Marquise? But, what do you all believe? Real or trolling?

    Let us know what you think below and for more culture, stay tuned for more from!


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