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    Shottie Is Believed To Take The $2.5 Mil From Tekashi

    Shottie will need to give some answers sooner than later. The drama in the 6ix9ine camp has no signs of slowing down.

    Over the last couple of days, law enforcement has managed to round up Tekashi, along with alleged members of a gang who is believed to be behind  a slew of crimes. Most recently due to trust issues, Tekashi decided to fire his whole staff. From alleged kidnapping attempts on his life to shootings, Tekashi is a target for danger.

    Most recently the rapper was supposed to go on his first American Tour, however, it was canceled after his findings that money was being stolen from him. Originally 6ix9ine believed that a booking company was the culprit behind a large sum of the money being stolen. He even went on “The Breakfast Club”, and called the company out by name during the interview regarding the accusations.

    More details have come to the light, and it’s believed that a familiar face in his previous camp may be the one who actually stole the money. Source “The Daily Beast”, claims that 6ix9ine’s former manager, Shottie, is the person who secretly took the money in question. Mel Murda, Ish, and Crippy all claim that they couldn’t afford a lawyer and needed one appointed by the court.

    Things became questionable with Shottie, who allegedly had $60K in his bank, allegedly police sources believe that the ex-manager stole the $2.5 million. It was the promoter from the upcoming tour that alerted the rapper about the amount that he was originally supposed to receive. On The Breakfast Club, Tekashi confirmed that he only received $300.


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