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    E.Ness Announce “Da Band” Reunion In Philly.. Cheesecake??!!

    Philly is becoming a hot place. True Hip-hop is making a comeback, atleast we hope so.

    This past Monday, Philly native rapper E.Ness spoke with Battle Rap Trap. He dropped a bomb when he announced “Da Band”, would be reuniting for a performance in Philly. “We’re doing a reunion in Philly man, 4948 N. Broad St. November 17 at the Penthouse man,” he announced. “The whole group is gonna be there. We’re gonna turn up, it’s gonna be a movie.”

    Back in 2002, when reality tv was just starting out, Diddy looked to put together a supergroup of singers and rappers. Thousands of artist auditioned for a possible slot in the group and on tv. The legendary series showed the immense hungry of artists looking to gain stardom.

    At the end of the season, six members were picked to be in the group including Sara StokesDylan DilinjahChopperBabs, Ness, and Freddy P. The group would later dissolve due to multiple issues, some members would go on to solo careers.

    Read about legendary Philly rap group State Property here

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