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    2Pac’s Father Speaks Out About Being Called a ‘Coward’ on ‘Dear Mama’

    2Pac’s Father Speaks Out 

    The late rapper Tupac was known for speaking out on social issues and highlighting the pain and suffering many people endure. He was able to reach millions of listeners with his music and messages about justice and equality. However, not all of his fans were on board with the content he put out. In his famous song “Dear Mama,” Tupac called his father a coward, and this caused controversy.

    The song sparked outrage from some of Pac’s closest friends and family. His mother Afeni Shakur, was also upset with the song’s lyrics. In an interview with the Art of Dialogue, Pac’s biological father Billy Garland, spoke out about his feelings on the music and how he felt being called a coward in it.

    Billy Garland

    Garland is a member of the Black Panther Party and was active in the political activism scene in New York City in the 1960s and 70s. He had a relationship with Afeni, and they had a child together. The two maintained a close friendship and worked together on various activist projects.

    During the interview, Garland revealed that he was upset when he heard the song for the first time, and it took him some time to process the lyrics. He spoke about how the song impacted him and opened up a dialogue on the multifaceted aspects of fatherhood and responsibility. He also spoke about his upbringing and how his mother raised and taught him important values.

    In addition to talking about the song, he also shared his thoughts on the ongoing FX series Dear Mama. The docuseries dives into the controversial relationship between Afeni and her son Tupac. Allen Hughes directed the series, which stars Keisha Morris, 2Pac’s ex-wife.

    While the docuseries has garnered positive reviews on social media, it has not been without its critics. One of the most prominent is the Black Lives Matter movement which has taken umbrage to the show’s content. The outrage has spurred a petition to have the docuseries canceled.

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