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    Ye Forced To Pay $200K In Child Support

    Ye tried to reunite his family but failed. Instead, the controversial rapper has driven a wedge between himself and his ex, Kim Kardashian. His relationship with his kids is strained. To make matters worse, Ye will have to pay $200K in child support. Tough times indeed.

    Ye and Kim K. finalized their divorce this week. They signed a prenuptial agreement for an equal split of their assets, avoiding any disputes. Neither will receive spousal support.

    However, there’s one aspect they won’t share responsibility for. Ye will have to pay $200 per month in child support, which seems fitting considering his actions.

    Both Ye and Kim K. are responsible for their four children’s well-being and future. They must cover their educational and security expenses. In case of disagreements, they must mediate. If one parent is absent, the other makes the decisions.

    Despite their highly publicized breakup, their divorce settlement turned out surprisingly well. Let’s hope they can learn to cooperate for the sake of their children.

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