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    Xavier Hicks: HypeFresh Highlights Artist At L.O.U.D Press Junket

    Xavier Hicks is a natural talent born and raised in Forth Worth, Texas. Growing up in a Juke Joint environment, he experienced the old culture of music versus the new culture of music. At the tender of age of three, Xavier was singing and dancing around the house to the late great legends like Michael Jackson and Prince. Over the course of his life, he used the two legends as a source of inspiration to create magic to soothe the ears of his listeners.

    HypeFresh Highlights Xavier Hicks

    Who is Xavier Hicks?

    Xavier Hicks: Xavier Hicks, he is an R&B, hip-hop Soul artist. I’m based out of Fort Worth, Texas. I make my own music, I perform a lot. I produced and released three music videos recently. Yeah, I’m a busy man.

    How long have you been doing music?

    XH: Since I was about eighteen. That’s when I got serious, in high school, it was like kind of touch and go, because I really didn’t know what I was doing. Right when I turned eighteen almost nineteen, I said ‘Alright, I’m gong to take this serious.’

    Do you have any projects out right now?

    XH: I have a single out titled, “Come Over”, the music video is a three part series. So, you’re going to see more music, I’ve got three past projects that’s out. I’m actually in the midst of releasing a deluxe version of the second album, and I’m going to put some music out for that one.

    Are you wanting to remain and Indie artist, or do you want to migrate into the industry?

    XH: I want to stay independent, but I do want to cross over into the industry eventually. I still want to watch my back, I know how this industry can be. I eventually want to cross over, because I want to go around the world.

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