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    Wade Robson’s Lawsuit Against Jackson’s Estate

    A judge dismisses Wade Robson’s lawsuit, claims that choreographer had no proof that the estate enabled allege sexual abuse by King of Pop.

    Wade Robson's Lawsuit against Michael Jackson's Estate
    Wade Robson sued the Jackson Estate for a failure to protect him as a child, alleges sexual child abuse by king of pop. Twitter

    Wade Robson’s lawsuit was filed to address allege sexual abuse by Michael Jackson when Robson was a child. Robson’s sexual abuse allegations were chronicled in the high-profile 2019 HBO documentary Leaving Neverland. Wade Robson’s 2013 lawsuit alleged that Jackson sexually abused him for almost ten years, and his companies MJJ Productions and MJJ did not safeguard him during his childhood.

    Wade Robson & Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland Documentary
    Wade Robson’s Lawsuit aginst Estate claims sexual child abuse by Michael Jackson. Case Dismissed by Judge Wade Robson & Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland Documentary

    Statue of Limitations regarding Wade Robson’s lawsuit

    Michael Jackson & Wade Robson
    Wade Robson’s lawsuit against estate alleges childhood sexual abuse by Michael Jackson. Judge dismisses case. Wade Robson with Michael Jackson impersonating the King of Pop.

    Wade Robson’s lawsuit was initially filed in 2017 but lost. Judge Mitchell Beckloff  previously dismissed Wade Robson’s lawsuit in December 2017 because it filed outside the statute of limitations. Recently, California enacted a law that extended the statue of limitations from 26 to 40. This law allowed Wade Robson another opportunity to appeal the ruling.

    The Judge’s Ruling

    However, Judge Mark A. Young ruled in favor of MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, Monday. The judge approved the Jackson estate’s request to dismiss Wade Robson’s 2013 lawsuit. Judge Young ruled because Robson couldn’t prove the companies had the ability to control Jackson’s conduct. Also, Judge Young said there was nothing suggesting that the companies had “any fiduciary duty” to protect Robson as a child from the pop singer.

    The Lawyers Speak

    Wade Robson’s lawsuit against Michael Jackson Estate for failure to protect him from alleged sexual abuse by Michael Jackson. Judge dismisses Case. Leaving Neverland – 2019 Michael Jackson, Wade Robson (1987). photo: Dan Reed/HBO

    Vince Finaldi, Robson’s Attorney”…Dangerous Precendent that Would Leave Children in the Entainment Industry Vulnerable…”

    Vince Finaldi, said in a statement to EW that “the ruling had fatal flaws.” Finaldi said they would appeal the decision to the Court of Appeal and, if needed, to the Supreme Court. Finaldi added that if the decision stands, it would create a risky precedent that puts many children in the entertainment industry at risk of sexual abuse by powerful individuals. Finaldi emphasized the importance of protecting all children and expressed their determination to continue fighting for their safety.

    Johnathan Steinspir Jackson Estate Lawyer
    Wade Robson’s Lawsuit alleges a failure to protect against alleged child sexual abuse by Michael Jackson. Johnathan Steinspir Jackson Estate Lawyer, says claims have no merit after Judge dismisses case.

    Johnathan Steinspir, attorney for Jackon’s Estate-

    “…Robson’s Claims Have No Merit.”

    According to Jonathan Steinsapir, Robson has spent the past eight years making baseless claims in multiple lawsuits against Michael Jackson’s estate and affiliated companies. Steinsapir stated that despite Robson’s extensive efforts to support his claims through numerous depositions and document presentations, a judge has once again deemed his claims without merit and dismissed his latest case without the need for a trial.

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