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    Valenciz Releases a New Reggaeton Track ‘Teaser’

    Valenciz brings a Latin Reggaeton flow, refreshing new slant to the latest surge of upcoming talent from the UK.

    Dropping brand new single ‘Teaser’, musical influences from his birth country Colombia and the East London streets that he’s grown up on are in full effect for the record. Flirtatious and sensual in both sound and style, ‘Teaser’ rocks a beat that tempts you to move along with it. The addition of Valenciz’ confident flow and delivery, partnered with his multilingual lyrics make for a strong combination and a unique sound that stands out from current records.

    ”I feel like this is a reflection of the Latin culture, we like to be somewhat flirty and sensual but it’s all in good spirit” – Valenciz

    Serenading his leading lady the music video captures the enthralling chemistry between the two. The visuals are submerged with a red color scheme enhancing the sultry and sensual essence of the track. From the seasoned concoction of Latin reggaeton influences to the enchanting melodies ‘Teaser’ will have you swept off your feet.
    Bringing such a wealth of heritage, Valenciz cleverly draws on the key elements of each to deliver a well-balanced debut. Deliciously sensuous yet uplifting and fun, this record is most definitely a ‘Teaser’ of what’s to come for this new talent that should be kept a close eye on.


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