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    Ukraine’s New Secret Weapon: A Long-Range Drone That Could Change the Game

    Eighteen months after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the country proved to adapt, even in wartime. Its burgeoning tech sector is evolving with remarkable speed. The country’s own wartime zeal and accelerated evolutions have been underway for years.

    Ukraine’s secret long-range drone

    Its innovations threw off the Russian military and helped Kyiv to keep its army together. They also eroded Russian morale and increased pressure on its commanders. This could be the key to a victory in a war Putin designed to win quickly and with minimal casualties.

    One of the most effective ways to do that is by sending drones deep into Russia to destabilize its air defenses and destroy supply routes. And a new weapon could give Ukraine an edge in that effort. This week, Ukrainian military experts unveiled an upgrade to the Grom-2 glide bomb.

    This Soviet-era missile boasts a range of around 250 miles. It can carry more explosives and a larger seeker. It can also hit Russian ammunition dumps, weapon storage, and other sites in Crimea. The longer range of this upgrade means it can reach every point on the occupied overland route.

    This puts pressure on the Kremlin’s logistical system. Ukraine’s next big step may be to add another kind of long-range drone to its arsenal. A US-made GLSDB, or guided loitering strike boat, can fly to more than 1,000 feet and can carry a dangerous payload.

    The Pentagon recently approved the sale of GLSDBs to Ukraine. As long as an experienced pilot controls the drones, their ability to remain aloft for longer periods of time will allow them to see more of a battlefield and deliver more payloads to the enemy.

    This makes them much more useful in combat. They can build the drones quickly using off-the-shelf components such as commercially available propellers, motors, and electronic sensors.


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