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    Ukraine’s Bitter Sweet Eurovision Win As Russian Warfare Ensues

    Ukraine Wins reports that the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra have donated their $900,000 trophy profits to the Ukrainian military after selling the trophy on Facebook in an auction hosted by TV presenter Serhiy Prytula. And Reuters reports that the money will mostly go towards “the PD-2 unmanned aerial drone system”.

    Hope for the Motherland

    The band had won based on their song “Stefania”, which is said to have since become synonymous with patriotic pride for Ukrainian troops. Moreover, they raised even more money during a performance at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate. Members of the Kalush Orchestra had already been personally combating the invading forces. From literally taking up arms to organizing humanitarian relief efforts, the group has fought back with everything that they have.

    Europe Could Never Predict This

    The European Broadcasting Union banned Russia from Eurovision 2022, which shocked competitors. In fact, Russia and Ukraine have both historically been forceful contenders for song of the year. In 2021, Russia’s song featured a singer with immigrant heritage, and Ukraine’s was poised to be a fan favorite with its seemingly natural fusion of traditional country sounds with new age experimentation.

    The Future of Ukraine

    2022’s “Stefania” followed suit with its genre blend of traditional Ukrainian music and rap delivery. The timeline of entertainment and culture in Europe and Asia tells a very different tale of technique and showmanship. The 2023 Eurovision concert will take place in Ukraine. Maybe there is hope that Russia will be there, represented by a band singing a song.

    Who will be in the running for song of the year in 2023? Will Ukraine hold the title for another year?

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