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    Top 7 Caribbean Artist You May Not Know

    Caribbean Artists to Look Out For

    Caribbean music is all the rage, but what about the artists? Stereotypically West Indian artists are known to produce Reggaeton, Reggae, Soca, and Calypso. But what about the artists that go the extra mile and immerse themselves into different genres. Moreover, Caribbean artists are not a monolith. They include more than just J Balvin, Sean Paul, and Sheensea. Here is a list of seven artists that are changing the way we view the Caribbean.

    Shaneil Muir

    Dancehall may be stigmatized as provocative. Yet this next Caribbean artist revamps the genre into something more.

    In addition, dancehall artist, Shaneil Muir, uses her artistry to empower women. Her lyrics vary from promoting self-love to being in a problematic relationship. Shaneil made her name as a finalist of the Caribbean talent show Magnums Kings and Queens of Dancehall in 2016. Since then, she has dropped many hits, including Yamabella and Same Guy, which debuted in 2020 and have over a million views.


    Looking for a new wave of Reggaeton music, check out this next singer.

    Most popularly known for her participation in the X Factor Italy in 2012, this 28-year-old Latin and R&B singer is showing up and showing out. Dominican-Italian artist Yendry has curated her music to be multidimensional. In fact, the bilingual singer is signed with RCA Records and Sony Music Latin. Her latest song Se Acabo gives a Reggaeton vibe that pays tribute to her roots.


    If you’re in need for some soothing and positive music, this next artist is for you.

    The Jamaican born artist is no stranger to the genre Roots. This multifaceted artist writes, produces, and play instruments on his songs. Ras-I’s music mixes Roots Reggae with hints of jazz, blues, and funk. His music is known to be compassionate and mindful. His latest album Kingman Ting has been all the rave and has gained 24,000 streams in 2020. He now has a new single out Lock it Down.


    If unconventional music is your cup of tea, then you’ll love this artist.

    From model to rapper and singer, 25-year-old Tokischa is constantly challenging the norm. Her music style combines Hip Hop, Trap, and Urbano, setting her aside from other Caribbean artists. The Dominican-born recording artist made her debut in 2018 with Picala, and music video alone reached one million views on the opening week alone. Tokischa has recently released multiple songs and has become a global figure through her work with popular artists like El Afla and J Balvin.

    Myke Towers

    If you aren’t a Latin Music connoisseur, then you may not know this next artist

    Born in Puerto Rico, the rapper, singer, and composer Myke Towers is an underrated Reggaeton artist. The recording artist released his first album in 2016, El Final del Principio, and has made a name for himself over time. During his career, the composer has collaborated with different Latino artists like Bad Bunny and Beck G. Recently, Towers has released a second album, Easy Money Baby, which has hit the top charts on Apple Music and Spotify.

    Annalie Prime

    Tired of just roots music? Well, this artist mixes the classical sound with Calypso and new age Reggae.

    Annalie Prime is a Roots-Pop singer and songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago. The 26-year-old released her first album last year and is on her way to debuting her second album. Through her music, Prime wishes to uplift her island nation to feel encouraged and inspired.

    College Boy Jesse

    Want some Soca music that is good for more than just dancing? Check out this next artist and see how much his lyrics resonate with you.

    College Boy Jesse is a young artist from Trinidad and Tobago known for his colorful style and unique swagger. The singer-songwriter is mainly known as a Soca artist that dabbles in calypso, and throughout the years, he has made a name for himself amongst other Caribbean artists. His first hit was in 2012 Bartender, as he kicked off his career on the international stage. In 2020 he won the title of Groovy Soca Monarch in the International Soca Monarch Competition.

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