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    Tom Reed Won’t Run After Sexual Misconduct

    New York congressman Tom Reed admitted to sexual misconduct from 2017. It takes courage to acknowledge when we’re wrong. He even stripped himself of his political title. The Republican made the call well before anyone kicked him out. Reed’s refusal to run for office came well after former lobbyist Nicolette Davis accused the US Representative of sexual abuse. Now America has one less corrupt politician to worry about.

                     Nicolette Davis Calls Out Tom Reed

    sexual misconduct
    via Daily Mail

    Politics almost always involve coverups, conspiracies and controversies. Not to mention, some of these politicians can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. The US has ousted at least several male US representatives for their sexual misconduct. Republican Tom Reed recently admitted to allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

    Second-in-command lieutenant Nicolette Davis revealed to the Washington Post that Reed had sexually abused her at an Irish Pub back in 2017. Davis relayed the event to the publication in great detail. The lieutenant explained that the “drunken Republican had slid his hand on her back, on her thigh and unhooked her bra.” Furthermore, Davis shared with the Washington Post that she texted her friend and even asked a stranger for “help.” Fortunately, the stranger pulled Reed away from the table and outside the restaurant.

    It’s too often that women’s claims of sexual harassment and misconduct get ignored by the public. Hopefully, there will be a time when society listens to a woman’s hardships.

        Tom Reed Leaves On Behalf Of Sexual Misconduct

    sexual misconduct
    via The New York Times

    To save face, Tom Reed claims that he hadn’t heard a word of Nicolette Davis’s allegations before the Washington Post release. He needs a newspaper to remind him that he sexually abused a woman? The New York congressman later acknowledged Nicolette Davis’s allegations in a recent statement. Reed issued an apology to Davis, his family and colleagues. Additionally, he explained that at the time he had “a drinking problem” and has been working on his sobriety for the last four years. Furthermore, due to his sexual misconduct, Tom Reed announced that he would step down from office. The New York congressman won’t run in the year 2022. That’s the last we’ll be seeing of the US Representative.


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