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    The Tholakele Dance Off Challenge that’s better than Hollywood

    TikTok users have been racking up big time social media followers with their latest dance challenge. Whether you’re into hip hop or just looking for something a little more fun and entertaining to get you moving the Tholakele dance off challenge will have your friends drooling in envy, and many wonder if its better than Hollywood.

    Unlike its peers, TikTok has taken a more user-centric approach to the challenges it has to offer. The app allows anyone with a smartphone to create a challenge, upload it to their feed, and share it with their friends. Besides being free and easy to use, the app also allows users to add music to their video.

    TikTok’s Tholakele Dance Challenge

    The Tholakele dance challenge has a cult following and has been featured in countless viral videos since it’s release. It was a hit among both users and artists alike and has garnered millions of social media fans. The challenge is not without its share of gimmicks, however.

    One of the best features about this challenge is that it is not too difficult to learn, and is a good choice for anyone looking to try a new dance form. The only downside is that it can be time consuming to master.

    Is Hollywood in trouble?

    In addition to the challenge we’re also giving away a couple of other prizes along the way! The aforementioned eponymous prize and a couple of cash awards.

    The aforementioned eponymous award will be presented to the most deserving competitor, while the cash award is awarded to the top performer of the day in this competition. The winners are notified via email, as well as a trophy and a certificate of participation!

    A special congratulations goes out to the most deserving winner and their family. They’re rewarded for their efforts with an all-expenses paid trip to the state capital to compete in the upcoming dance competition.

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