The Hawd Is Bringing More Music Following ‘Bottom Up 2’


Booming Brooklyn-bred rhymer The Hawd is gearing up for some new releases to wrap up the year.

The Hawd honed his skills and creativity in the lively music scenes of Atlanta and Brooklyn, resulting in a unique sound that captivates diverse audiences.

Unfortunately, shortly after moving to his new home, The Hawd and his family faced a series of tragic events that caused setbacks. Losing his brother at the age of twelve and his mother six years later on the same day was incredibly difficult. However, instead of letting these challenges hold him back, The Hawd used them as motivation to strive for a better future. He turned his pain into determination and started hustling to make a living. This allowed him to establish a reputation in both New York and Atlanta, gaining the support of fans along the East Coast. The Hawd was relentless in his pursuit of success and was willing to do whatever it took.

With a fierce determination, The Hawd embarked on his professional music career, ready to make a significant impact in the industry.

In 2019, he joined forces with Quando Rondo for their fiery single “ZGBDT,” produced by Quay. Building on the momentum, The Hawd delivered a series of impactful studio albums. Over the course of three years, he released three consecutive albums: “Bottom Up,” “It’s Time Gang,” and the sequel “Bottom Up 2.” Additionally, he shared two more singles with his audience.

The Hawd stays busy with bookings and continues to perfect his craft, releasing hit songs while currently working on new music.

Stay connected with Hypefresh for the newest music, news, and updates about this rising rapper. Take a moment to check out his latest release, Bottom Up 2, and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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