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    The Batman is now officially Robert Pattinson

    I’m Batman!

    Robert Pattinson is the newest star to dawn the title of Batman. Fans were upset about this casting, but with recent role reveals, fans are ok. We have an all-star cast: Collin Farrel as Penguin, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman/Selena Kyle, Jeffery Wright as Commissioner Gordan and John Turturro as Carmain Falcon. Plus, many more to be announced. It’s exciting, but the real test won’t come until footage comes out.

    The suit makes the man.

    Speaking of footage, we are lucky to receive pictures of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and as “The Batman.” As Bruce Wayne, I like the look of him. He gives rich billionaire playboy vibes, and the dark hair suites him well. However, as “The Batman,” I’m not convinced about the look. I believe its the headpiece that pulls me away; I think they should of went with the Batman helmet that has the chinstrap like in “Young Justice,” because of Robert’s sharp jawline(check the pictures below).

    So far, things are looking suitable for DC. They had success with the Joker movie and Harley Quinn movie. Also, HBO MAX put in an order for a Green Lantern series and Wonder Woman 2 looking good in the trailers; things may be looking ok for detective comics. Make sure you check the trailer of Pattinson in the batman suit by clicking the intro picture above. The Batman is set to be out in theaters on June 21, 2021.

    If you’re excited about the new DC comic movie, The Batman, let us know in the comics below. Remember, The Batman will be watching for any wrong sayings you leave in the comments.

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