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    Sunday Sports Update: Top 3 Sports Moments

    Baseball //

    Woodford-Castellanos Brawl.

    Benches clear during the Cinncinati Reds’ vs. St. Louis Cardinals’ game yesterday. Nick Castellanos took home plate on a wild pitch. The baseball Woodford-Castellanos brawl ensues. To understand why the Woodford-Castellanos braw even happened we need to go back to the first game of the series. Nick Castellanos hits a homerun off Jack Flatery. In showoff fashion, and now that rules permit, he skips then flips the bat before taking the trot around the bases.

    6-3-2021 Reds vs. Cardinals, Woodford-Castellanos brawl

    Yesterday’s game, Cincinnati was leading 6-2.  During the fourth inning, Jake Woodford hits him with a 95 mph fastball to the ribs. Catcher, Yadier Molina picked up the ball offering it back to the pitcher communicating that he didn’t care for his display of anger. “I asked Yadi if its an accident. He said of course, it’s an accident,” Nick Castellanos remarks, “Alright, I give him the benefit of the doubt. Itake my stuff off. I even asked the pitcher if he wanted the ball back.”

    Jake Woodford commented on the pitch, “Sinker got away from me. I’m just out ther trying to go our ther and do my job. I was just confused, honestly. There was nothing intentional. I’m not trying to hurt anybody or throw at anybody.”

    Woodford-Castellanos brawl
    Woodford-Castellanos brawl | Twitter

    Later that inning, Mike Moustakas was battling on the plate. Woodford threw a wid pitch and Nick Castellanos took advantage of it scoring from third sliding across home plate. Woodford was covering the plate and the two crashed together at home plate. Nick Castellanos flexed over Woodford. “I dove. I felt him land on my side. I saw the Umpire said safe. I stood up and said, Le’s ******* Go and I walked off. ”

    Woodford-Castellanos brawl in baseball game in Cincinnati, Saturday, April 3, 2021. (AP Photo/Aaron Doster)

    Cardinals Reds Baseball
    Saturday, April 3, 2021. (AP Photo/Aaron Doster)

    Sportscenter has the Woodford-Castellanos brawl on video below.

    Yadier Molina defended Woodford shoving against Nick Castellanos’ back. That was the moment that both dugouts cleared and met at home plate. The Woodford-Castellanos brawl ended in Nick Castellanos being ejected from the ballgame not Yadier Molina. The umpire gave reason for the ejection, “Becasue we felt that [Nick Castellanos] –after sliding into home –re-engaged the pitcher in unnecessary fashion.” As to why Molina wasn’t ejected, Molina made contact with the umpire prior to shoving Nick Castellanos, “Sometimes, contact happens between players and umpires that is not agressive.”

    Woodford-Castellanos brawl | Twitter

    As for Nick Castellanos’ feelings toward the catcher, “I’d want a signed jerseyeven if he punched me.” Woodford-Castellanos brawl caused no love lost, Castellanos still has a ton of respect for the Catcher.

    Phillies win against Braves, 4-0.

    The Phillies played very well against the Atlanta Braves Saturday afternoon. Wheeler pitched a shut out with only one hit given out. Wheeler was supported by a stronger looking bullpen. Wheeler hits two RBIs. Rhys Hoskins managed a two run hit. 

    J.T. Realmuto and Didi Gregorious took some pitches that shook them up. J.T. Realmuto took a pitch to his knee. Didi Gregorious took a pitch to his elbow. Both continued to play in the game. Phillies win it 4-0 and look forward to a sweep in today’s game.

    NCAA | March Madness //

    Jalen Shoots halfcourt at the buzzer for the win!

    Gonzaga Zags NCAA
    Jalen Slugs Zags Victory | Sportscenter Twitter

    With 12 seconds left on the clock between UCLA , 88 and Gonzaga, 90, shoots and it bounces off the rim, he gets the rebound. tries again to make the shot and manages to tie the game with a layup. 8 seconds on the clock, Jalen Sluggs gets the ball and he shoots at the buzzer from halfcourt. It’s In, 3 points from half court to secure Gonzaga the win. Unbelievable. It all happened in 12 seconds. #NCAAFINALFOUR

    NCAA Final Four
    Sportscenter | Twitter

    “It feels amazing! Like a childhood dream come true,” said Jalen Sluggs, according to ESPN. “I used to practice this on my mini-hoop and wanted to do it like Kobe or D-wade, running up to the table.” D-wade’s response, “I jumped up on my kitchen table after that shot bro.” It’s all love. What a spectacular way to land the perfect win! Children everywhere, watching this now, want to pull a Jalen Sluggs on their mini-hoop. Amazing performance by Freshman, Jalen Sluggs.

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