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    Bryce Harper’s Unreal ‘Wish’ After Brutal Blake Snell Fastball Injury

    No shocker here: Bryce Harper, the star right fielder of the Philadelphia Phillies, is seen as a bit crazy by many. As per a report by Richard J. Marcus for Fox 29 News, Harper recently injured his thumb while batting against the San Diego Padres and ended up breaking it. Ouch!

    “I almost wished it hit my face,” Harper said, his thumb in a splint. “I could take a 98 mph pitch to the face, but not a 97 mph one to the thumb. So, I instinctively raised my hand to shield myself and avoid another impact.”

    “I’m just so disappointed,” said Harper.

    Sometimes, being a bit eccentric sets the great players apart from the average ones, and maybe that’s Harper’s unique trait. The current NL MVP looked visibly pained when he got hit by Padres pitcher Blake Snell’s pitch. Phillies GM Dave Dombrowski was with the team during the road trip and later explained that they couldn’t yet determine if Harper would need surgery, but things didn’t look good. As the team heads back to Philadelphia, Harper plans to see a medical specialist.

    “We’re putting him on the injured list (Sunday),” said Dombrowski. “I got worried when he got hit in the face. He’s a tough guy, but he walked off the field right away.”

    Bryce Harper Being a Good Sport

    Phillies fans are excitedly waiting for their star player’s quick comeback, hoping he returns stronger in a few weeks. It’s crucial that Harper sees it as a regular part of the game and bears no ill feelings towards Snell. They’ve been good friends and competitors since childhood. Harper genuinely wishes Snell the best and hopes he keeps using the same pitch strategy in the game.

    “It wasn’t a heated exchange,” Harper stressed. “It was just a moment in a difficult situation. I’ve been competing against Blake since we were kids, so I know there was no intention of harm. Inside pitches are just part of the game. He’s a talented player and a wonderful person. I genuinely wish him the best and encouraged him to continue throwing that inside fastball because it sets up his slider really well.”

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