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    Texas Rangers Talks Very Spicy To The New York Yankees

    The Texas Rangers and New York Yankees ended in a very controversial ending that upset many Yankee fans. Naturally, Texas Rangers GM Chris Woodward was emotional after the close game and took a moment to take shots at the Yankees Stadium size, according to Sporting News MLB.

    Woodward accomplished what he intended by commenting on the size of the stadium because many fans went to war and tried to debunk the myth of Yankee Stadium. Over the past decade, many believed the Yankee stadium is one of the most overrated stadiums in all sports. However, most agree it’s the most historical in all of the sports.  Woodward stated what many have thought for years in so many words. Yet, still, he received tons of backlash for it.

    “Small ballpark that’s an easy out in 99% of other ballparks,” Woodward said. “The wind wasn’t helping today. Obviously, but 3-1 count and when you put King out there you know he’s not going to give up a homer.”

    Later, Woodward pulled back his comments and admitted he was jokingly speaking. This still didn’t sit well with most Yankee fans, although, he publicly apologized. The apology only goes so far when you have a cult following like the Yankees. It seems with these types of fans whether it be artists or teams many are so invested emotionally with their team people forget to be human. Woodward admits it may have been below the belt; however, the comments were made all in good fun.

    Texas Rangers Fans Under Attack 

    Yankee Stadium is known for having a very shallow wall in the right field, resulting in easy homers. However, their fans attempted to debunk the myth and show the world otherwise. After the Woodward comments went viral it’s no secret the Yankee stans proved to be on a mission. They broke down the statistics of every run distance in every stadium around the MLB.

    Unfortunately, sports fans are very invested in their own teams some consider it even tribal. Any signs of disrespect towards their respective teams will go to war over anything. The Texas Rangers GM can expect harsh behavior from here on out and chirps within every encounter in Yankee Stadium.

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