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    Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump With His “WAP” Remix

    The Capitol Hill riots left Americans shaken. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to end, as reports of a nationwide mob plan to ensure during Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20th. Officials are working around the clock to investigate the events leading to the January 6th riot, in hopes of stopping the second attack. Until then, citizens are focusing Donald Trump’s latest shenanigans.

    In light of the US Capitol Hill riots, the former president had a few choice words for his VP Mike Pence. Before having his Twitter account suspended, the president sent a slew of tweets to Pence that applauded American citizens. Trump’s viral last words to his Vice President even lead famous personalities to mock him. The Tonight Show host Stephen Colbert fired shots at the former president with his “WAP” remix.

                           Trump Isn’t President Material

    via Newsweek

    The news recently uncovered several pieces of correspondents Trump sent to his former VP Mike Pence, all of which are inappropriate. Even CNN newscasters struggled to relay Trump’s last words to Pence. “Decide: patriot or coward. People mock him for this.” Words like these are a clear indication that Trump’s presidential career is definitely over.

    Stephen Colbert Mocks The Former President

    By using one of today’s most viral songs to mock former President Trump is pure genius. It’s no secret that a slew of celebrities aren’t a fan of the tyrant. Several night hosts have even expressed their outward dislike for the former US president. The Tonight Show host Stephen Colbert, however, takes the cake when it comes to trolling Donald Trump.

    After the release of Trumps vulgar statement to his VP Mike Pence, Stephen Colbert mocked the tyrant. Not only did the night host troll Trump, he did so using his own rendition of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s 2020 “WAP” song. Using “WAP’s” recognizable beat, one of Colbert’s crew members delivered a series of hilarious lyrics replacing Cardi B’s verse. “A sitting POTUS called his veep / A name that needs bleeped / Body part that scares Mike Pence so much / That night, he couldn’t sleep,” they rapped. Giving the track a political twist while mocking Trump simultaneously is just pure genius.

    What do you think? Should Colbert do other politically infused song remixes?

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