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    Sophia Patsalides Disclosed Her Lovely New Single “Beautiful Ghost”

    Sophia Patsalides’ new single “Beautiful Ghost” showcases her unique sound, which blends modern R&B with a timeless and innovative approach. The song’s moody and ethereal vibe is complemented by Sophia’s hypnotizing vocal patterns, creating a sound that is both introspective and romantic.

    As one of BBC’s “Fresh Faces,” Sophia quickly gains a devoted following, drawn to her obsession with aesthetic sounds and cool vibes. Her previous release, “Mess we made,” was a deep dive into a personal relationship/breakup story. With smooth synths and an infectious beat that created a mellow yet empowering soundscape.

    Sophia has a history of impressive performances, including opening for international singer Eros Ramazzotti and appearing on the Junior Eurovision stage. In recent years, she has provided compositions and vocals for American TV series and films. Working with prestigious music publishing companies in Los Angeles. “Beautiful Ghost” is a must-add to any R&B/soul/pop playlist and is yet another example of Sophia’s artistic talent and innovation.

    Stream “Beautiful Ghost” on Spotify 

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