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    Shooney Da Rapper’s Journey from Mixtape Hustler to Battle Rap Champ

    Shooney Da Rapper’s journey from a mixtape hustler to a battle rap champion! If you’re looking for a battle rapper with many talents, look no further than Shooney Da Rapper. She’s a mixtape hustler turned battle champ, taking over the scene with a fiery lyrical style that defies categorization. She’s a fierce competitor, and she’s also a caring soul. She uses rapping as an educational tool for young people in some of Queens’ most dangerous projects, and she even volunteers to speak to students in prisons.

    Shooney Da Rapper’s Journey

    Shooney came to the scene as a commercial emcee but fell in love with battling when she saw Debo’s documentary on Queen of The Ring. She credits the show with changing her life.

    The first thing you notice about Shooney is that she’s a natural in the ring. She has an effortless flow and a knack for connecting with the audience. She doesn’t shy away from using her raw emotions on the mic, making her battles more compelling.

    Her debut on the platform was a huge success, and she quickly found a following. She’s battled some of the best in the game, including Shotgun Suge, MC Hammer, and Ill Will.

    From Mixtape Hustler to Battle Rap Champ

    She’s also become one of the most respected female MCs in the battle rap world, a title she’s earned by consistently bringing her A-game to every fight. She’s been known to drop some of the most brutal bars in the game, but she also knows how to deliver a solid performance that will keep the crowd on their feet.

    As the year continues, Shooney is showing no signs of slowing down. She’s already racked up four wins in 2023, including a dominant performance against Tay Roc and a main event battle against Ms. Miami. She’s also scheduled to take on Loso this April on Bullpen, which is sure to be a fierce clash of styles.

    But the most critical aspect of a battle rap champion is that they can rap. The ability to string together rhymes and create poetry over a beat separates this genre from any other musical form. And there’s nobody better at it than Shooney. That’s why she’s the reigning Queen of The Ring.

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