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    Shanquella Robinson’s Friend To Be Extradited For Arrest Warrant

    Shanquella Robinson of North Carolina was visiting Mexico with friends on October 28. By October 29, the very next day, she was deceased. Her friend will now be extradited back to Mexico, the attorney general for Mexico’s Baja California Sur, Daniel de la Rosa reports. Her death certificate states that Robinson died as a result of severe injury to her spinal cord, and that the injury occurred about 15 minutes before her death on October 29. In addition to the report, a video has circulated on social media of Shanquella being attacked. In the video, Shanquella does not appear to fight back. It is unclear if the video is related to the spinal cord injury or if there were any attempts made to intervene on Shanquella’s behalf.

    Much of the criminal attention from both Mexican and American authorities is a result of campaigning by her parents. They both thought it was very suspicious when at first Shanquella’s friends claimed that she had passed away as a result of alcohol poisoning. Her father believes that her “friends” were involved in a sinister plot to harm his daughter from the beginning. In an interview, her father, Bernard Robinson, told CNN, “You took my only jewel from me. You put a big hole in my heart. The only thing I can do is fight for her; I cannot let her die in vain.”


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