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    Russ Opens up About Being “Hammered” During Interviews

    Russ isn’t one to shy away from controversy. He’s made a name for himself releasing a string of commercially successful albums such as Santiago, There’s Really A Wolf, Zoo, and Shake the Snow Globe The 30-year-old has also gotten into hot water for some of his controversial statements.

    Russ Drinking Problem in Interviews

    For example, in January 2017, he blamed the current state of rap music on producers making wack sh*t. The comments led to beatmakers like Metro Boomin and Cardo Got Wings shooting back at the Diemon Collective member on social media.

    Perhaps the most controversial statement Russ has ever made came in December of 2017 when he called out fellow rappers for not speaking out against the killing of Lil Peep. The death of the New Jersey-born rapper was a tragedy that left many fans and industry peers mourning.
    Russ was criticized for going on an anti-drug Twitter rant shortly after. His comments caused an uproar with a number of his peers, and he ultimately apologized for the rant.
    While some may have doubted his words, Russ insists that he was not high during the time of his speech. He spoke about the incident to Zane Lowe in a new interview. Russ reflected on his past mistakes. He aims to change his approach to interviews in the future.

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