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    Reggae Month is Black History Month in Jamaica

    Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions of African people to the world. It is also a time for educators to bring this important aspect of our history into the classroom. It is also a time for communities to share their cultural heritage.

    In many countries, including the United States, Black History Month is celebrated in February. It is also known as African American History Month in the United Kingdom.

    There is also a strong tradition in Jamaica of celebrating Reggae Month in February. This is a month of events and concerts that focus on the genre of reggae music. The month is a chance for Jamaicans and international tourists to enjoy the country’s unique culture and heritage while attending live events, lectures, films, and concerts based on reggae music.

    The Jamaican government officially designated February as Reggae Month in 2008. This celebration of the genre of music is a way of thanking and honoring the people who have contributed to its development.

    According to JaRIA, the Jamaican Recording Industry Association, the main purpose of Reggae Month is to promote the country’s culture and heritage. It is a great opportunity to showcase the talent of Jamaican artists. While most of these events and concerts occur in Kingston, numerous reggae shows are held throughout the island. These include music awards, concerts, and dance programs.

    Some of the most popular events during the month are Bob Marley’s birthday celebration, a Dennis Brown tribute concert, and the Rhythm and Culture Festival in Port Antonio. It is also an excellent time to visit the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road. Often overlooked, the museum is an exciting and entertaining venue to explore. Another month’s highlight is the annual Irie FM Awards, which feature many upcoming and established artists. This is a great opportunity to listen to new talent and to meet and greet your favorite artists.

    The UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Culture, Mr Ottone Ramirez, is expected to be a special guest for the launch of this year’s Reggae Month in Kingston on Sunday.

    “Reggae Month is a great opportunity to promote our heritage and culture in the Diaspora and around the world,” Minister Grange said. She added that she is excited to see the world came to experience the thriving Jamaican Reggae scene in 2020. This exciting event will be held in February, primarily on the island.

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