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    Rebel Wilson Digs Deep Hole, Blocks Black Critics

    Rebel Wilson has recently received some criticism for her comments about her new film Isn’t it Romantic. On Thursday, Wilson appeared on Ellen DeGeneres to promote her new movie. In her interview she claimed ‘’I’m proud to be the first-ever plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy’. This sparked backlash on twitter, critics bring up that Queen Latifah and Monique have been leads in romantic comedies long before Wilson was. While Wilson responded to white critics, she blocked majority of black critics who spoke out against her.

    Rebel Wilson Digs a Hole Deeper and Deeper-1

    Hypefresh reached out to pop culture and film writer, Clakisha Kent, about this situation, since she is one of many black columnists and journalists who Wilson blocked. Here is what she had to say.

    “I’d like to make it known that every Black woman (and others) who was blocked, including myself, was very gracious (even though we didn’t need to be) and took the time to educate her on why she was incorrect and wrong in her erasure of plus-sized icons Queen Latifah and Mo’Nique—though we didn’t need to. Our efforts were met with blocks and subsequent erasure as other White women parroted our words and were met with actual meaningful dialogue. As well as gaslighting—as Wilson attempted to falsely portray herself as someone who supports all fat women (she does not – seeing as she has most of us blocked now) when called out by Mo’Nique on Twitter.”

    The list of black critics that Rebel Wilson has blocked on twitter for calling her out keeps growing.    It has even gotten to the point that black twitter has created a #RebelBlockMeParty” hashtag.

    One of the few black people who she has actually responded to is Oscar winning actress Monique.
    Rebel Wilson Digs a Hole Deeper and Deeper-6

    his could have all be solved by a quick celebrity Notes app apology. Instead, Wilson has exposed herself to have a racial bias against black people, as she responds to white critics and block black ones. This will likely hurt the box office numbers of her new film.

    What do you all think? Please comment below and in other culture news:

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