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    Black Heroes who deserves to be in the DCEU

    The DC extended Universe started back in 2013 with Man of Steel. Since then, it’s focused on heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. However, there are so many more interesting characters that deserve same amount of screen time, particularly black characters. While the film universe does have a few black characters, there are other ones from the comics that also deserve to be introduced. Here are a few black DC comics has deserve to be in the DC extended Universe.

    4. Mr.Terrific

    Black Heroes who deserves-1

    Michael Holt was a brilliant millionaire and scientist who had everything going for him. Even with his success, tragedy still managed to find him. Holt’s wife and unborn son died, leaving him broken. While, debating suicide, Holt was visited by the Spirit of God’s vengeance, also known as the Spectre. Spectre told him the story of golden age hero, Terry Sloane aka Mister Terrific. Holt, inspired by Sloane’s story, decided to abandon his suicidal thoughts and instead become a costumed vigilante. He used his wealth to fashion himself a costume and gadgets and took on the name, Mister Terrific.

    While some people might call Michael Holt the “Black Batman”, since he is a rich man who becomes a crime fighter after a personal tragedy, he is actually so much more than that. Unlike Batman, Holt is not driven by some idea of avenging the people he has lost. His reason for being a vigilante is to give himself a purpose. He has all these skills and wealth that he wants to use to help people. Being Mr.Terrific helps him do that. Holt is also a black hero who black audience members can look upto. In most comic book movies, black characters are either the sidekick or the villian. Holt is neither on those things. He is an intelligent black hero who does not need a white savior. It would be so powerful to see that on the big screen.

    3. Bumblebee

    Black Heroes who deserves-2

    Karen Beecher was a scientist who was married to Mal Duncan. Duncan was the hero, Herald, and a member of the Teen Titans. Beecher thought that the Titans did not appreciate her husband enough so she used her scientific knowledge to craft herself a bumblebee style supersuit. She would then attack the Titans, in an effort to make Mal look better. Eventually, the truth came out and Beecher apologized. The titans were so impressed, however, that the offered her a slot on the team, which she accepted, beginning her superhero career.

    Often times, when black women are in the media, they have been made bitter by some incident in their lives. They are portrayed as anger throughout their depiction. Karen Beecher, although, is a carefree spirit. She is generally depicted as happy and gleeful in the comics and cartoon. Her appearance in a dc movie can counter the angry black woman trope which has been in too much media. She can show audience that black women are more than just the harmful stereotypes that they’re shown as often.

    2. Aqualad

    Black Heroes who deserves-3

    Jackson Hyde is the son of Black Manta, Aquaman’s greatest enemy. His mother, Lucia Hyde, did not know who he was when she first met him. Manta was just went her so he could find a map that would lead him to an Altantian artifact. When Lucia learn who he truly was, she hid her pregnancy from him and went into hiding. She gave birth to Jackson, who displayed water like powers. Lucia decided to move him far from the ocean and hide Jackson’s father’s identity and his powers from him. This did not work as Jackson would eventually discover his powers. Manta eventually found Jackson and tried to corrupt him. This failed and Jackson decided to use his powers for good, and become the hero, Aqualad.

    Jackson Hyde is an open gay black man. Right now, there are very few black gay heroes in movies and television. It should not be that way. Black and gay people deserve to have the same representation in superhero related media as anyone else. Jackson Hyde can represent the black gay men who love superheroes representation on the big screen.

    • Vixen Black Heroes who deserves-4
      Mari Jiwe McCabe grew up in the fictional African nation Zambesi. Growing up, she heard about the “Tantu Totem” from her mother constantly. McCabe’s mother was soon killed by poachers and she would go onto be raised by a family friend.  When McCabe grew up, she moved to America and began her career as a model. After some time, she returned to Africa and discovered the Tantu Totem, which granted her the abilities of all animals across the planet. She took the Totem and came back to America as Vixen, a vigilante using her powers to fight crime.With the success of Black Panther, this is a perfect time to have Vixen premiere on the big screen. A Vixen movie could celebrate African culture in the same way that Panther did. McCabe is a proud black African woman, in the comics. There is so much that could be done with that. African culture is very unrepresented in the media. When it is being represented, often times it is simply to be mocked. A Vixen film could help change that.

      Hopefully, these heroes get their due in the DC extended universe. They deserve it.


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