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    Quest LA Displays Originality On His New Single “Taking No Breaks”

    Quest LA takes us on a journey as he discloses a new single, “Taking No Breaks.” A high-energy music video accompanies this new single.

    “The phrase “Taking No Breaks” exemplifies the lifestyle of an independent artist constantly working towards achieving mainstream success. They are always on the move and never stop pushing themselves forward.

    Los Angeles-born and raised artist Quest LA is a fast-rising performing artist that is vibrant and multi-talented with a versatile range of profound musical proficiency, which he uses to expand his extraordinary soundscapes globally.

    His style when it comes to music making is always unique due to the benchmarks of prioritizing genuineness and authentic Hip Hop incorporating vibes and rhythmic sense he has developed for himself over time.

    Growing up as an artist, Quest LA did not lack any sense of musical inspiration as he was always surrounded by music.

    Still, he took it upon himself to ensure that his music sounded nothing like the usual as he made sure it stood out in a way that proved to be a breath of revitalized air for the music world.
    “Taking No Breaks.” embodies inventiveness, substantial lyrics, and a straightforward statement.

    Unlike most artists in the industry who make music without an end game or ambition, Quest LA is an artist who has a crystal clear picture of what he wants for himself and his music which he makes sure to chase with tenacious inflexibility.

    Quest LA, as seen in the music video, passes a strong message to let us know he intends to come out on top and gain a greater reward for all the hard work he has put into developing himself as an artist.

    Stream the “Taking No Breaks” on Spotify.

    Connect with Quest LA: FaceBook | Spotify

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