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    Protests Break Out in Brazil Over Black Man’s Death

    Protesters in Uproar after Another Black Life Taken in Brazil 

    Protests broke out in Porto Alegre,  Brazil following the death of João Alberto Silveira Freitas. Angry protesters carried signs that read “Vidas Negras Importam,” which translates to Black Lives Matter.

    Security guards at Carrefour, a popular Brazilian market, are responsible for João Alberto Silveira Freitas‘s death.

    The BLM Protests Stands Globally 

    The Black Lives Matter Movement clearly applies to communities that exist all over the world. Brazil is no different, especially when Black lives appear to be disregarded or deemed less valued.

    According to the Associated Press, Freitas died Thursday, the eve of Black Consciousness Day, a day observed in celebration of the Black community in Brazil. Black lives are in danger across Brazil, with a Black person being killed every 21 minutes. This statistic was made by Journalist Jill Langois in addition to statistics from Forum Seguranca.

    Protest sparked by a series of events 

    Protesters were outraged by video coverage of the man’s murder. In the clip, security guards restrained João Alberto Silveira Freitas outside the doors of the Carrefour supermarket while another repeatedly hit him with violent blows to the face.

    To make matters worse, one officer kneeled on Freitas’ back. The act of police brutality occurred as a result of a store employee “fearing for her life.” She called security after Freitas threatened to attack her.

    Chairman and CEO of Carrefour Responds

    Alexandre Bompard, called the events “unbearable.”

    “Carrefour Brazil has taken immediate internal measures, especially regarding the security company involved. But these actions are not sufficient. Racism and violence go against my values and Carrefour’s values,” said Bompard.

    As most leaders do, they act as if racism is no longer a problem. But officers kneeling on backs has been seen before, right here in the US. When will enough be enough?


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