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    President Biden Plans Strict Regulations On Meat Prices

    President Biden Administration Woes

    Rapid price growth in the meat industry is putting the working class at risk. With rising prices in times of the pandemic.

    Four companies that have the most control of the industry have been repudiated by the Biden administration. For mismanagement of processing and pricing. As mentioned in the White House blog:

    As part of their initiatives, the administration plans to allocate $1.4 billion in COVID-19 pandemic stimulus funds to support small meat producers and workers. Additionally, they have pledged to take action against illegal price-fixing.

    There are four companies that have cut 85% of the meat industry during 2018. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

    In fact, one of these tycoon companies is Tyson, who denied the administration’s allegations. The company blamed the pandemic and the lack of manpower that limits the amount of production.

    “The efficiency of Tyson’s operations enables cost savings for consumers,” stated the company.”It’s disappointing to witness these companies increase prices after we’ve contributed to sustaining the market,” expressed Bharat Ramamurti, Deputy Director of the White House’s National Economic Council, in an interview.

    According to the Biden administration, these companies have taken advantage of the various stimulus that has helped the demand for their products.

    They have responded to complaints to find the issues that are seen as anti-competitive and monopolistic that could be the cause of the price increase.

    USDA and the Department of Justice are working together on an investigation to get to the bottom of the pricing fixes.


    “The goal of that overtime is to bring these prices down,” said Ramamurti.

    President Biden committed to working with bipartisan legislation. Additionally, their efforts can help adjust the price of meat.

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