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    Odúbel Herrera Wants Phillies Fans To Forgive Him For Beating Gf

    The Phillies Statement regarding Odúbel Herrera
    The Phillies Statement regarding Odúbel Herrera. Press Release

    Odúbel Herrera, nicknamed “El Torito”, is a Venezuelan born athlete. Odúbel played center fielder for the Philadelphia Phillies. He was removed from playing in the major league, in 2019 after his girlfriend brought charges against the ballplayer. Odúbel was charged with Domestic assault on girlfriend inside a Golden Nugget casino, in Atlantic City. Odúbel left handprints on her neck and scratches along her arms. Odubel’s girlfriend retracted her charges, unknown reasons, and Odúbel also agreed to Batterers Counseling for 60 days. However, the MLB still maintained their consequences, suspension of 85 games. Odúbel was in violation of their Joint Domestic, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy. 

    Odúbel Herrera and girlfriend leave
    Odúbel Herrera and girlfriend leave the Courthouse as She withdraws charges. Philadelphia Inquirer

    Has he learned from his mistake?

    Odúbel Herrera issued this apology in March 2021 saying he has matured since the incident and completed counseling and wants the fans to give him another chance. Herrera also made note that his girlfriend decided to forgive him. Odúbel Herrera hopes to put assault on girlfriend incident behind him and move forward.

    Invited to Spring Training Camp

    Then, during Spring Training, the Phillies considered adding him to the roster. Girardi stated numerous times that due to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Players Association, they are prohibited from releasing Odúbel Herrera or voiding his contract for violating the joint policy against domestic violence. Therefore, he should be allowed to compete for his position despite assault on girlfriend.

    SSpring Training Invitations
    Phillies Press Release | Spring Training Invitations

    Girardi extended an invitation to Odúbel Herrera to Spring Training Camp. His previous performance from June 25, 2018 through May 26, 2019, in 114 games, was not great. Odúbel hit .207 with a .268 on-base percentage and a .332 slugging percentage. Since then, Odúbel seemed to have improved but Girardi wasn’t convinced it was enough. He hit 12 hits, 11 runs scored, and four homeruns. The favorite was Adam Haseley. Although, Haseley had been struggling with recovery from an injury and was looking like he would not be available. Thus, they returned to the idea of possibly including Odúbel and Roman Quinn. Odúbel Herrera started leading in the competition for the Center Field position. The social media team released highlights of him in spring training getting a feel for the fans’ reaction. 
    Odúbel Herrera to Spring Training Camp

    Fans Are Split. Was He Punished Enough?

    Fans were split. Some were calling for Odúbel Herrera to be added on the team, saying that he should get a second chance. These fans calling for a second chance said he deserved it because of his great bat and because his girlfriend forgave him. Fans saw this as an increase to our chances at competing. Others were calling for zero tolerance and saying he doesn’t deserve to play at this level. His punishment was suspension of games, then to play at the minor league level. Yet, Odúbel Herrera still plays baseball and receives money even if he isn’t competing in the major league.

    Phillies Decision

    Recently, The Phillies decided his performance wasn’t enough to help the Phillies. They left his name off the roster. Adam Haseley was available and named Center Fielder. By keeping Odúbel Herrera in the minor leagues, he will not play in the Home Opener. But the Phillies give themselves the opportunity to call him up at any time during the baseball season. Scott Kingery is in AAA and Roman Quinn is notorious for getting injured. Thus, meaning he could be a viable replacement, if needed. 

    Has he been punished enough? What are your thoughts?

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