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    Obama Congratulates Warnock On Senate Win

    Former President Barack Obama Was Like Warnock

    Barack Obama issued a statement to congratulate Ebenezer Baptist Church pastor, Raphael Warnock on his historic victory. Warnock defeated his Republican opponent Kelly Loeffler in the contested senate runoff. Loeffler was named to the seat in 2019 by Georgia governor Brian Kemp.

    Warnock became the 11th Black senator, while Obama became the 5th Black senator in Illinois back in 2005.

    “My friend John Lewis is surely happy, watching Georgia today. People across the state are carrying on the legacy he and others left for them,” Obama said.

    The former President continued: “I want to congratulate Reverend Raphael Warnock on his election as Georgia’s next U.S. Senator—and while we’re still waiting on final results in the other runoff, it’s clear that last night’s showing, alongside President-Elect Biden’s November victory in Georgia, is a testament to the power of the tireless and often unheralded work of grassroots organizing and the resilient, visionary leadership of Stacey Abrams. Georgia’s first Black senator will bring much-needed diversity to the chamber and allow Congress to address critical issues like pandemic relief, voting rights, and environmental protection without unnecessary gridlock.

    Georgia Voter Turnout 

    Warnock has a list of people to thank for helping him secure his seat. Stacey Abrams is on the top of the list of pushing to turn Georgia purple. Warnock’s victory occurred as a result of voter mobilization in Georgia and active engagement of Democrats in the voting process.

    “Democrats in Georgia and across the country should feel good today. The last four years have taught us the importance of staying involved in civic life, not just during elections but all the time.

    Things happen when minorities put their feet down and exercise their right to vote. Now it’s time to see some change!

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