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    Nick Cannon Saves His Net-worth By Apologizing To Jewish People

    Nick Cannon is apologizing to Jewish People, an act sure to save his net-worth.

    Entertainer Nick Cannon has a net-worth estimated to be about $60 million, but that number was in danger. The Wild-n-out host made some comments on his podcast that were Anti-semitic. Thus, Viacom fired Cannon for failing to do exactly what he just did via a series of tweets.

    After being fired from Viacom something must have clicked in Nick Cannon’s mind. The man who is on almost every tv station came to the realization that he could lose it all.

    It didn’t take long for Nick to switch tunes with all the “afro-centric”, black people are the chosen ones talk. Viacom taught him that just cause your name on the show, don’t mean you own the show. Which is why Nick Cannon is “demanding” Viacom give him full rights to his show? However, the likelihood of that is slim to none, because the world has already heard his Antisemitic statements.

    Nick Cannon apologizing to the Jewish community is already getting mixed reactions.

    Black people, like it or not Nick has been holding it down since his “Nickelodean days” and from the position, he’s in he helps a lot of people who look like him. Lastly, Learn to accept him for who he is and please don’t try to make him a martyr, because he doesn’t have to be.

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