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    NFLPA Fires Doctor who Evaluated Miami Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa

    The NFL Player Association fires the doctor that evaluated Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa, reported Scooby Axon for USA Today. Due to the severity of the injury Tagolvailoa suffered a couple of days prior in the Buffalo Bills game, many believe he shouldn’t have been playing that following Thursday. Just days apart the Miami QB was cleared to play and suffered an attack on the field after a tackle that scared many.

    However, many are suggesting that the Miami Dolphins organization be investigated extensively. Luckily, the NFLPA found this disturbing and looked directly into the Dolphins’ front office. The UNC and the Dolphins team doctor were interviewed the day after Tagaovailoa suffered the injury.

    What Do the UNCs do for the NFL?

    The NFL claims every UNC (Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant) is selected based on their credentials. Ultimately, through the player union and the NFL Head, Neck and Spine Committee. The committee is tasked with helping the team’s medical staff in figuring out if the players have concussions or not.

    To be clear, the UNCs are independent of the team they’re working for. This means they can stop any NFL game at any time if they suspect a player suffered any form of head injury. It’s an obligation to have at least two UNCs (one from each team) at one game at all times.

    Due to the viewership and how much it frightened people to see Tagovailoa’s injury, the NFL plans to have new rules within the week or so. These new rules and regulations will solely be set in place to protect the players at all costs. Both the NFL and the NFLPA made a statement regarding the enhancement of player safety.

    “We anticipate changes to the protocol being made in the coming days based on what has been learned thus far in the review process.”

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