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    New England Patriots J.C. Jackson Believes: ‘They Don’t Need Me’

    Pro-Bowl cornerback J.C. Jackson has never played for any other team outside of the New England Patriots. However, there’s a strong possibility that may change going forward. Jackson is a free agent and has emphasized how the Patriots have not attempted to reach out to him this offseason.

    “I guess they feel like they don’t need me,” reported Scott Polacek of Bleacher Report . “Guess I can’t be that important to them. I know I am, but they’re not showing me.”

    Jackson is originally from Maryland, he says there has been no contact with this whatsoever. Let alone, any contractual discussions or extensions moving forward. One would think back-to-back Pro Bowl cornerback would receive his money with no second thoughts. Yet, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has a history of using players until their rookie contract is up and then shipping them off or allowing them to test free agency. One could only hope that he will return in a Patriots uniform, but the likelihood of it doesn’t seem high.

    “It was all positive things,” Jackson said. “I wanted to focus on football at the time. I wanted to finish the season the right way, I didn’t really come back to them on it.”

    Many believe Belichick is going to franchise tag him, which Jackson has expressed openly that he is not against. The writing seems to be on the wall, the only reason this deal is getting done is strictly due to the front office of the Patriots.

    J.C. Jackson milestones in New England

    There are plenty of things to love about Jackson’s style of play. He’s got the most interceptions among any cornerback ever within their first four seasons in the NFL. Not to mention, he helped the Patriots win a Super Bowl in 2018. He finished the 2021 season with 58 tackles, 23 passes defended, eight interceptions, forced one fumble, and scored a defensive touchdown.

    All in all, he is still only 26, and one would think he’d continue to produce at such a high level. He’s very easy to build a defense around because he’s capable of shutting down one-half of the field. If the New England Patriots choose not to bring him back, he will surely generate interest amongst other NFL teams.

    One thing to take into consideration is the Patriots are ranked 22nd in the league in cap space, according to Bleacher Report. This means the level of difficulty to bring him back is increased because ultimately they may have to let a key piece walk. One can only hope to bring Jackson back in order to remain competitive within the AFC East.


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