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    NCAA Disciplines James Wiseman

    NCAA Disciplines James Wiseman

    The NCAA recently disciplined James Wiseman, who is currently a freshman at the University of Memphis. Wiseman is predicted to be one of the highest if not the first overall pick in the NBA’s draft next season. But this does not mean he can avoid dealing with the NCAA’s rules just yet.

    Wiseman has been suspended by the NCAA for a total of 12 games. Along with this, the NCAA has required that Wiseman donate $11,500 to a charity of his choice. These punishments are a result of two violations of NCAA rules committed by Wiseman or related to him.

    Apparently Wiseman Committed Two NCAA Violations

    The first violation has to do with Wiseman’s family receiving $11,500 from Penny Hardway. This amount was given to Wiseman’s family to help deal with the costs of moving from Nashville to Memphis in 2017. During this time Hardway was the coach of Team Penny and the East High School basketball team. Wiseman played for both of these programs at the time.

    This act became a violation of NCAA rules because Hardway donated $1 million to the University of Memphis in 2008, resulting in him being considered a booster for the program. In the spring of 2018 Hardway became the head coach of Memphis. In the fall of that year, Wiseman announced his commitment to playing at the University of Memphis.

    The second violation has to do with Wiseman playing in a few games at the beginning of this season. The NCAA informed the University of Memphis that Wiseman was ineligible to play, but technically this is only a strong suggestion. With the support of the university Wiseman suited up and played for the University of Memphis’s first 3 games this season.

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    Is Wiseman At Fault?

    Many people are left wondering what Wiseman did that was so wrong. In regard to the situation of his family receiving money from Hardway, it would seem that Wiseman had no knowledge of this occurring. It does not necessarily seem all too fair that Wiseman is being punished for something which he never knew even took place.

    Although it may not have been the best call to play in 3 games for the University of Memphis, Wiseman did so with the encouragement and blessing of his team. It really isn’t all too odd that a player would take the advice of his team and coach.

    Is The NCAA’s Punishment Fair?

    As a result of these occurrences, the NCAA is requiring Wiseman to donate $11,500 to a charity of his choice. Wiseman has until the end of his last season with the university to pay this amount. Due to his immense talent, Wiseman will almost undoubtedly be declaring for the upcoming draft. This does not give him all too much time to come up with that amount of money.

    Although the NCAA has posed this scenario as Wiseman donating to a charity of his choice, in reality, that is not what is taking place. Instead, this is simply a tactic implemented by the NCAA in order to fine Wiseman. Currently, NCAA players are unable to receive any pay from the university they attend. With his focus set on playing basketball Wiseman does not have time to come up with that amount of money.

    What do you guys think though? Did James Wiseman do anything wrong? Is the NCAA just finding loopholes to fine players, and if so how ethical is this? Leave your opinion or thoughts in the comment section.

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