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    The NBA Is Offering Fans The Best Seats Through Virtual Reality

    Ready to live your dream of sitting courtside at a game for your favorite team without hurting your pockets? Well, The NBA is making it all possible this month.

    Starting Feb. 23, a new NBA League Pass will offer a cheaper, on demand option to stream games through virtual reality technology.

    Virtual reality (VR) is changing how people experience life and entertainment like never before. Video games. Television. Movies. You name it. These days, you can go anywhere you want and do anything you desire without having to leave the house. No more looking at a flat screen. Virtual reality technology puts you right inside one.

    The NBA was the first major American professional sporting league to broadcast their games through virtual reality (VR) and with the on-demand option, fans can now fully experience the game starting at only $7 per game.

    Danny Keens, Vice President of content at NextVR and NBA Digital’s partner wants to make this experience worth every cent. “We can’t just be different from television; we have to be better than television and we can’t just be different from being at the game,” Keens said. “We have to be better than being at the game.”

    The broadcast team is working to offer you things you couldn’t even get at an actual live game. For starters, you can view the game from every angle, even from underneath the basket (Fact: Tickets are not available for the seats there).

    NBA All-Star Weekend is coming up this weekend and NextVR is hooking y’all up with the full game, highlights, and more.

    Think it’s worth it? All you need is an NBA League Pass subscription, a virtual reality headset, and the “NextVR” smartphone app, which is free of charge.

    Sorry iPhone users, this feature is not available for iOS yet. It is only available on Samsung Gear VR and the Google Daydream handset.

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