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    NBA Star Kevin Durant Tests Positive For COVID-19

    Durant states that he feels fine after testing positive for coronavirus.

    The coronavirus is becoming a terror for the NBA and the whole world. The Associated Press reported earlier, that 4 players on the Brooklyn Nets have tested positive for COVID-19. One of those players is former league MVP and 2 time Finals MVP, Kevin Durant. Durant is recovering from an achilles injury, therefore, he will not play a game this season.


    The Nets released a statement that says of the four players that tested positive for COVID-19, only one of the players were showing symptoms of the sickness. Durant was one of the players that did not show any symptoms.

    NBA vs Coronavirus

    Kevin Durant is not the first NBA Star to test positive for the coronavirus. The NBA suspended play indefinitely when Rudy Gobert first tested positive for COVID-19 on March 12, 2020. Days later news broke that his All-Star teammate, Donovan Mitchell also tested positive. Detroit Pistons forward Christian Woods have also tested positive for coronavirus. None of these players claim to have shown symptoms when they tested positive.

    Coronavirus Stats

    The World Health Organization has been keeping track of all the reported cases of Coronavirus across the world. The amount of confirmed cases is under 185,000 and there are over 7,500 deaths. In the United States, the amount of confirmed cases is over 3,500 and a total of 58 deaths. The World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 has a global mortality rate of 3.4%, and most of the deaths reported are people of the age 60 years or older.

    We wish all that were affected by the coronavirus a healthy recovery.

    Please protect yourself in these troubled times.

    What are your thoughts on the NBA season being canceled because of the coronavirus?

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