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    is james harden married?

    James Harden is among the most talented and successful players in the NBA. He has won multiple awards, broken records, and led his team to the playoffs. He is also one of the most eligible bachelors in the league, having dated several famous and beautiful women. But despite his impressive resume, he has not yet settled down with anyone. Why is that?

    Harden’s current girlfriend is Jessyka Janshel, a model and social media influencer. They met in the summer of 2017 and have been seen together at various events and occasions. Harden has been open about his relationship with Janshel, calling her “queen” and “best friend” on Instagram. They seem to have a strong and supportive connection but have not announced plans to get married or engaged.

    Jessyka Janshel

    Harden has also been linked to other high-profile figures, such as Ashanti, Gail Golden, Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose, Olla Naber, Tahiry Jose, Trina, Sarah Bellew, and Kyra Chaos. Some of these relationships were brief and casual, while others were more serious and long-term. However, none of them lasted or led to marriage.

    Khloe Kardashian e James Harden

    One possible reason for Harden’s unmarried status is his dedication to his NBA career. Harden is considered one of the best shooting guards and scorers in NBA history, as he has maintained an average of over 30 points per game for four consecutive seasons. He has won the MVP award, the scoring title, the assists title, and the All-Star MVP award, among others. He has been a consistent contender for the championship, reaching the conference finals three times with Houston and Brooklyn.

    Harden is devoted to basketball. This dedication affects his personal life. He must balance his time and energy between his profession and his relationships. He has also encountered challenges and changes in his career. For example, in 2021, he was traded from the Rockets to the Nets. In 2023, he reunited with his former coach, Daryl Morey, in Philadelphia. Harden has described his relationship with Morey as “like a marriage,” metaphorically expressing their close bond and mutual respect but clarifying that it does not reference his marital status.

    Daryl Morey believes Sixers are 'well-positioned to go on a run' with James Harden
    VIA-The Philadelphia Inquirer

    Harden might not be married because he values his privacy. He doesn’t talk about his relationships or share pictures on social media. He also doesn’t discuss his love life but focuses on his basketball career. Harden has also mentioned that he doesn’t have children because he isn’t ready and wants to keep his personal life private.

    Like all others, Harden’s romantic journey has been fascinating, filled with unexpected twists and turns, highs and lows, and surprises. He has dated some of the most stunning and influential women in the world but has not found his match yet. He has also achieved remarkable feats and honors in the NBA but has not won the ultimate prize yet. Will he ever take the plunge into marriage? Will he ever win the championship ring? Only time will tell.

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