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    NBA Executives Still Want to Have Playoffs: Possible Scenarios

    NBA Plans on Having Playoffs & Championship

    According to a NY Post article, multiple NBA sources have stated that there is still the possibility of the playoffs and a champion happening this year. Apparently, despite the current pandemic, NBA executives are hoping for an alternative version of the postseason.

    Reports state that NBA executives would like to have a remaining season of 5 to 7 regular games. It feels odd cutting the regular season short, but that I believe that is what times like this call for. A majority of NBA teams have played around 65 regular-season games so far this season, which is a fair portion of the season.

    Possible Playoff Scenarios

    If the playoffs were to take place they would be a shortened version of what usually occurs. There have been a few options discussed for the formating of the post-season. Thankfully one version that seems to be gaining no traction in terms of favor is single-elimination rounds. But when it comes down to it anything is possible at this point.

    It is likely that the playoff rounds would be shortened to rounds that are best of three. In terms of location of the post-season, it would most likely be held at one location in a more remote location such as Las Vegas or Hawaii.

    Final Thoughts: The NBA Season Should Be Canceled or Postponed

    Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the NBA playoffs. There is not much that compares to the excitement of seeing your teams or stars, in general, competing in the heat of the post-season. Still, I do not necessarily think that having a post-season is the best call. Even without fans attending the games, the likelihood of the coronavirus spreading is quite high due to the amount of contact that goes on in the sport.

    NBA Executives Still Want to Have-1

    Even before this NBA season was postponed, people throughout the league were testing positive for the virus. Instead of having such a focus on there being a champion this year, NBA executives should shift their priorities to keeping people safe and employees who actually need the money paid. NBA executives are some of the richest people in the world and should stop focusing on profits for once.

    What do you guys think though?

    Are you pumped to hear that the NBA is still making moves to have the playoffs this year? Or do you think holding the playoffs is not worth the risk? What do you think the NBA should do in terms of having the playoffs or a champion this year?

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