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    Michael B. Jordan To Direct Creed 3

    Tessa Gushes over Michael B. Jordan

    “Creed 3” has always been a given, especially since the sequel did record box office numbers. But with the history of director changes on the franchise, it’s only been a question of who will be behind the camera when Michael B. Jordan gears up in his boxing gloves one more time. Co-star Tessa Thompson has confirmed recent reports that Jordan will be responsible for bringing another Adonis Creed story to life.

    In talks with MTV News, the actress not only confirmed that Michael B. Jordan is set to direct “Creed 3,” but Thompson also shared her sentiments about Jordan’s sexiness. In fact, his notably good looks will make it hard for Thompson to focus. 

    “He is directing the next ‘Creed,’” Thompson revealed. “I’ll use it as ammunition when he interacts with me as a director. I’ll just ask him to be less sexy.”

    When Will Production Start? 

    In addition, Thompson shared that the things have been put off considering the pandemic.

    “We’re not going to make it until later in the year, so who knows what happens? I don’t know if he’ll be the sexiest man alive in six months.”

    Thompson’s last comment, in which she mentioned the fact that Michael B. Jordan recently won the coveted title of Sexiest Man Alive given annually by People Magazine. Besides, Jordan’s handsome genes do not appear to be fading anytime soon. Therefore, Thompson has to find a way to endure being around Jordan.

    Michael B. Jordan As The Third Filmmaker

    With Jordan taking over “Creed 3,” he has become the third different filmmaker in three films for the box office hit franchise. Ryan Coogler directed the first film in the “Rocky” spinoff franchise. It introduced Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed.

    Then, Creed 2 was then handed off to Stephen Caple Jr, who directed Creed 2. Now, Jordan will perform double duties on the threequel, as the star and director.

    It’s clear that Jordan has versatile filmmaking chops. And like Thompson said, things will pick up end of 2021, with an intended 2022 theatre release date.

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