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    MAVICA Surprises Fans with a Riveting New Single “are you back?”

    Spanish singer-songwriter MAVICA releases her stunning new single “are you back?”, a captivating piece showcasing her innovative approach to musical storytelling. The song intricately weaves her emotive vocals with an evocative soundscape, painting a vivid picture of the struggle of navigating an inconsistent relationship.

    “Are you back?” commences with soothing synth chords and MAVICA’s distinctive vocals, immersing listeners into an otherworldly sonic realm. As the track builds, it climaxes into an unconventional drop, merging the melodious flow with a compelling snare drum beat. The fusion creates a riveting sense of urgency that perfectly encapsulates MAVICA’s longing for liberation and closure.

    As the song unfolds, MAVICA delves further into the electronic elements, imbuing the piece with enthralling synths and shimmering percussion, while introducing an engaging tuner to her vocals. As MAVICA belts out “I wish you were forever gone / for good, yeah for good”, she finds her own closure, resonating with many who have experienced similar emotional journeys.

    “This song was born from the end of a friendship,” MAVICA reveals. “The agony and insecurity one feels when facing the end of a non-romantic relationship are as profound as any romantic breakup. Eventually, acceptance takes over, teaching us how to manage the frustration of watching a relationship crumble without the power to salvage it.”

    MAVICA’s previous release, “you could never do that“, has been praised for its atmospheric quality, akin to a pristine snow-covered landscape. The song’s music video, directed by Irene Calvo, uniquely explores MAVICA’s relationship with her body as a female performer, spotlighting a group of women engaging in an intricate contemporary dance routine.

    “Are you back?” further cements MAVICA’s reputation as a powerful voice in the music scene, delivering heartfelt narratives via her unique blend of electronic and pop sounds. The new single promises to leave listeners enchanted, as MAVICA continues to push the boundaries of musical expression.

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