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    Mati’s Debut Music Video ‘Immune’ Takes a Haunting Trip Down Memory Lane with AI-Generated Visuals

    Rising star Mati unveils his powerful debut music video for “Immune,” the focus track from his EP Thoughts In Cursive. Born in Ethiopia and raised in South Minneapolis, Mati draws on a lifetime of experiences, blending gospel influences from his mother, his father’s refugee journey, and the wisdom of his older siblings.

    After graduating college recently, Mati’s focus on music for the past three years has culminated in his highly-anticipated EP release. However, it was a spoken word piece inspired by the civil unrest in Minneapolis after George Floyd’s murder that first caught the public’s attention. Reflecting on the uncertain and emotionally charged times, Mati shares that “Immune” was created as a poignant reflection of that period in his life.

    In a bold and innovative move, the music video for “Immune” takes a unique approach by utilizing AI-generated visuals. Rather than resurfacing sensitive footage from that era, Mati collaborated with a talented director to craft descriptive prompts for the AI models to interpret the lyrics. The result is a haunting journey through fragmented memories and distortions, mirroring the feeling of living through a bad dream.

    Mati expresses that “Immune” holds a special place in his heart and serves as a reminder of the nightmare that his community endured during that tumultuous time. As the world moves on, he believes it’s essential to keep the memory alive and continue the healing process.

    This debut EP and its accompanying music video mark the beginning of Mati’s promising career as an artist with a distinct voice and powerful message. As “Immune” resonates with audiences worldwide, it serves as a testament to the healing power of music and the creative fusion of art and technology.

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