MARO Is Apart Of The “Rejects” In New Version


Award-winning DJ/Producer/Engineer DJ MARO has done it again! Coming off the release of his latest album – Rejects – it’s looking like the Polish hitmaker is reaching new heights of success. Enlisting artists like Raekwon & Ghostface Killah isn’t something that many artists can say they’ve had the privilege of doing.

While it may look like this success came overnight, that could not be further from the truth. MARO played the nightclub scene in Europe and Asia for over a decade while he perfected his craft. On his album, he pushes the envelope by constantly keeping listeners engaged in the music. This creates an experience that can only be compared to seeing your favorite movie in IMAX.

When asked about the album and what it means to him, MARO has gone on record saying that:

“Rejects is an audio musical. It’s an hour-long journey through an unfriendly universe I’ve created especially for this project. Every guest artist appears in its own role, taking a part in the musical. I play the role of your guide, taking you through the story, meeting people who tell their tales. On the way, you will meet arms dealers, revolutionists, monks, drug users, drug dealers, and all kinds of people living in the low city and doing what they do best to survive.”

The project does have it’s introspective moments like when Deadly Hunta talks about how our society has turned a blind eye to increasing mental health and suicide rates as well as underpriveleged.

“For the poor and for the needy no dem can’t provide / Mental health and suicide Jah know it pon do rise / Just look pon all di countries wah dem colonise / It doesn’t take a genius fi recognise / Never once in a dem life dem don’t apologies, no remorse fi all di people who dem victimise,” raps Hunta over production provided by MARO.

The tandem show up again on an early skit and the project’s outro titled “Time” where KY croons about much needed changes that have to be made while Hunta waxes poetic over a steady beat that is placed perfectly as it concludes the album.

“No prisoners knock em off from the top yea / This is war winner take all we don’t pop shh / Stand tall we don’t fall better come harder / Paid dues never lose I never lose / I will never rest yea I’m coming for their necks / Bang my chest like I’m king kong yea you know what’s next / Take over everything imma boss what you mean / Take a loss never seat yea i ride for my team,” Lex Lu raps. The song is truly an anomaly when you compare it to earlier tracks on the project in a way that shows just how versatile MARO can be with the vast amount of musical knowledge that he’s obtained over the years.

With what is sure to be a contender for ‘Album of the Year’ somewhere, it is safe to say MARO has done it again.

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