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    Daz Dillinger Retiring From Music

    Early retirement seems to have taken root in the rap community as more and more emcees threaten to end their rap careers. In the last year or so, everyone from Nicki Minaj to Soulja Boy has talked of plans of early retirement. Though, months later they’re right back in the studio, laying down tracks. Now the legendary rapper Daz Dillinger says he wants to retire from music. Unfortunately, rapping isn’t fun anymore for The Dogg Food emcee. Let’s see how long that’ll last.

    Daz Dillinger Claims Rapping Isn’t Fun Anymore

    Most of the time, rappers boast about life as a rap star. Others even say they plan to rap for the rest of their lives. In the past, hardly any rappers ever talked of retirement. However, times have changed and early retirement for a lot of emcees seems like a good idea.

    Recently, Daz Dillinger announced on Instagram that he’s retiring from rap music altogether. The founding father of gangsta rap music took to his social media account June 25th that he’s leaving behind the rap scene for good. According to former Dogg Pound rapper, rapping has become more of a chore as opposed to a fun job. Seems like more and more rappers dislike the idea of working for their dream. Before signing off completely, Dillinger did leave his thousands of fans with a piece of advice on financial freedom. “When you self-made, you can do anything,” the The Dogg Food rapper wrote on Instagram. Apparently, he is ready to enjoy life .

    The Rap Community Gives Dillinger His Flowers

    Daz Dillinger
    via XXL Mag

    Rather than face backlash from social media, others have commended Daz Dillinger for stepping down. Shortly after the Death Row Records emcee’s last post, rappers honored Dillinger’s legacy. Legendary emcees such as West Coast rapper Celly Cel, Dead Prez and Mistah F.A.B gave him his flowers.

    However, Dillingers former Dogg Pound partner Kurupt hasn’t offered any further commentary on his early retirement. After putting out great records for years, though, we’re sure the other half of the rap duo wishes his friend all the best of luck. Hopefully, retirement works out for Daz Dillinger.

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