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    London McDonalds Gets Itself in a Shitty Situation…Literally

    In London, scientists’ results after a recent swab-down of McDonald’s were not appetizing. They took samples from electronic touchscreens at a handful of locations and discovered everyone was covered with bacteria known as coliforms. The results were surprising to some considering it was gut and fecal bacteria.
    Luckily, another source caught wind of the news and shed more light on the situation. The initial report made no mention that healthy people are immune from these types of bacteria and that no public reports have surfaced relating any infections caused by the touchscreens in London.

    As a result, McDonald’s has since released the following statement:

    “Our self-order screens are cleaned frequently throughout the day with a sanitizer solution. All of our restaurants also provide facilities for customers to wash their hands before eating.”

    This could all be so simple…everyone WASH YOUR HANDS!

    Will you be dining at the golden arches the next time you’re in the UK?

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